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PACSI logoIntroducing PACSI™

PACSI™ 4.1 is an online project management system, designed mainly to plan and follow human resource based projects.

We have developed the system to follow the needs of small and medium size enterprises.

Its methodology is easy to absorb,  its structure is logical. We can follow all workflow processes focusing on the important data through easy-to understand screens (instead of the usual complicated spreadsheets.)

We can access the functions of the system through roles assigned with different rights, eg.: project member, project manager, company manager or client.

The development of the system started in 2006 (PACSI™ 1.0). In 2008 PACSI™ 3.0 was significantly expanded compared to its predecessors. As our users' requests had led us, we built in the following modules:

  • project tracking module (following projects, users, questions and tasks in the workflow process, reminders, favorites, knowledge base, handling of project-related documents)
  • newsletter module (editing, sending based on logical relations)
  • customer-administering module
  • service-administering module
  • product-administering module
  • billing module
  • order-administering module
  • inventory module
  • news module
  • events module
  • content-management module
  • sitemap-editing module

(we shape all modules to the actual needs of the users)

Characteristic features include:

  • role-dependent views
  • user-dependent language preference
  • online availability
  • dynamic sitemap-creation
  • creation of event-oriented statistics
  • security login-following

In September of 2013 PACSI™ 5.0 was released to serve our client with new design and usual functionality.

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