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We hope to have been able to introduce ourselves to you. If you feel that you find our operations and our approach, you can get in direct contact with us using the following details.

Our addresses

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Xtremedia Online Communication Services Co. Ltd.
Location: H-1035 Budapest, Raktár street 13. II. 5.
Office: H-8100 Várpalota, Muskotály street 31.
Tax number: 12886379-2-41
EU tax number: HU12886379
Company reg. number: 01-09-708302

Telephone: +36 30 9493662
Website: www.xtremedia.hu
E-mail: info@xtremedia.hu

Request a quote and personal meeting:
Zsolt Pereczes, managing director
Mobile: +36 30 9493662
E-mail: pereczes.zsolt@xtremedia.hu


Online Communication Services Co. Ltd.

Office address:
H-8100 Várpalota, Muskotály 31.
Phone: +36 30 9493662
E-mail: info@xtremedia.hu

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