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What lies beyond profit and business? For us it's organisations and people that represent worthy goals for the whole of the society. Groups of people that deserve help. Causes, goals that deserve support. By our work, consultation support or donations we provide help for the following organisations and initiatives.

  • Rákoscsaba Community House
  • European Medicina Foundation
  • Ray of Hope for Ill Children, The Ones in Need and Ill - Foundation
  • Buda Children's Hospital
  • Hungarian Ambulance
  • Madarász Hospital
  • I Wish To Live - Foundation
  • UNICEF Hungary
  • Veresegyháza Cultural Region
  • Kulcsi Komisz Komondor Kennel
  • MPC Sport Association
  • Paragliding and Hanggliding Association
  • Nézőművészeti Kft.


Online Communication Services Co. Ltd.

Office address:
H-8100 Várpalota, Muskotály 31.
Phone: +36 30 9493662
E-mail: info@xtremedia.hu

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