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About us

Welcome to the website of XTREMEDIA!

You have arrived to the website of an extraordinary company.

Would you be looking for a partner regarding online communications, please let us introduce ourselves via our site. We trust that we can show you why the cooperation provided by Xtremedia - looking back at more then sixteen years now - can really provide something completely different to what is regarded as usual in this sphere of services.

In the course of our introduction we would like to offer an insight into the operation of our company - at the same time we would like to invite our partners who we have been working closely with during the last eight years, to tell more about us.

The present page you are at provides more information on our company below.

The Online solutions menu takes you to a more detailed description of our professional activities.

By clicking on Our Clients, you can survey our most important partners - and would you wish so, you are welcome to talk to them directly!

The Support menu item will show you what causes and organisations we support with our work or donations. We believe this tells a lot about us.

Contact will take you to all of our data that is needed to start our cooperation in person!

The acronym PACSI™ relates to an online project and content management system that we developed ourselves - and contributes to our fast, flexible and transparent daily operations. Actually it is the cornerstone of our management routine - and at the same time it is also a stand-alone product of our company. You can read more about this system in this section of the site.

Why is Xtremedia different than other service providers in the field of online communications? We can summarize the main points as follows.

  • We provide a full-scale service in the area of online solutions.
  • We work in a network-based model where all project members - including you - are connected online using PACSI™
  • We are client service centered by nature, proof of which are our partnerships looking back at eight years.
  • We deliver a location-free service via our online request processing and relationship management system from our Budapest-based offices.

We hope to have awakened your interest.
Have we succeeded in doing so, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Yours sincerely,

Zsolt Pereczes
managing director, XTREMEDIA Online Communication Services Co. Ltd.


Online Communication Services Co. Ltd.

Office address:
H-8100 Várpalota, Muskotály 31.
Phone: +36 30 9493662
E-mail: info@xtremedia.hu

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